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Fresh Vegetables
This range of fresh vegetables has been organically grown and has been preserved under controlled environment.  Large size, excellent texture and colorful appearance make these veggies truly appealing. Freshness of these vegetables lasts for long period if kept away from moisture.
Exotic Vegetables
Exotic Vegetables offered by us are well known for their premium quality. All these nutritious vegetables have been grown in an organic manner and have been reserved hygienically. These are mainly consumed in salad form.
Fresh Flowers
This range of Fresh Flowers has huge demand in fragrance production unit, in aromatherapy center and also in decoration arena. Available in bright colors, these aromatic flowers have rejuvenating effect on our mind.
Dehydrated Vegetables
Dehydrated vegetables are used as suitable flavor and texture enhancing factors in different cuisines. These are mainly processed to save cooking effort and duration to make food preparation truly hassle free. These dehydrated products are preservatives free.
Grains & Pulses
Grains & Pulses offered by us are well known for their high nutritional value. Loaded with high protein, fiber, antioxidants and minerals, these legumes are considered as cost effective options to nourish body with numerous nutrients.
Indian Whole Spices
Indian Whole Spices provided by us are well known for their texture and flavor enhancing attributes.  These dehydrated whole spices also possess distinctive medicinal characteristics that are needed to deal with several health conditions.
Nutritious Meat
Nutritious meat offered by us belongs to various species of birds. These specially preserved meat products have immense health benefits  for their high protein and high fiber content. This array of meat is easy to digest and is effective in improving metabolic function of body.
Organic Products
Organic Products provided by us are meant for all health conscious persons who prefer to give importance to food quality over taste. These pesticides free products have been preserved under controlled temperature to maintain their nutrients level.
Fruit Plants &Seeds
Fruit Plants & Seeds provided by us are well known for their versatile quality. Seeds offered under this category are used for extraction of oil or are used as ingredients in various dishes. The plants offered as part of this category have high yielding rate and long life span.

Dry Fruits
Dry Fruits are consumed as healthy snack choices for their immense health beneficial value. Also used in different dishes, snack items, confectionery food and sweet dishes, these dehydrated fruits are well known for their delicious taste.